Terms & Conditions

The customer warrants that they are either the owner of the goods or authorised by the owner to accept these conditions on their behalf.

The client authorises the company to act on their behalf in all maters arising to the removal and transport of their goods for the period of the transport and the company can make any arrangement they see fit to execute the successful completion of the work, including the removal of goods stored at the site of a third party.

The company reserves the right to open and inspect, delay or destroy item to satisfy themselves that by executing the contract they are not in breech of any law of any country they may pass through.

The client is totally responsible for establishing that all items for transport / removal have been totally removed, no liability will be accepted for any oversight even if verbal instructions have been given to the company.

Deliveries will be deemed as when in area at a mutually convenient arrangement unless otherwise stated. Stated deliveries are only estimated times of arrival. Demurrage liability by prior written agreement only,


Payments need to be made in full on collection when transporting to all countries except Spain and the United Kingdom where 15% of the agreed total is payable on booking and the full balance made before unloading in an irrevocable form ie bank transfer.

Man & Van services 50% deposit balance on collection in the same way.


If this criteria is not met then the company reserves the right not to deliver and to charge for storage and subsequent delivery at the standard rate. 

Full settlement must then be made in advance of the delivery unless expressed in writing.


Storage charges when applicable will commence on a weekly basis 2 weeks after collection then otherwise agreed when a delay of the delivery is a result of the customer. 

Tony Roam Removals will then arrange delivery as soon as possible. Charges for storage will be at the standard rate in UK and Spain. By excepting the this contract transport the storage contract is automatic when applicable.  

Extra charges may be made for extra work and costs incurred due to unforeseen circumstances which should have been advised by the client in writing.

Also extra charges can be made if the volume of the work is greater than quoted, extra charge will be made to the client if more than 1 man are required to execute the work other than already agreed

Charges will be made for all packaging materials supplied to the client. Any mistakes or errors by the client resulting in extra


work or delays and cost to the company will be borne by the client

Extra charge for use of stairs in apartments or if more than 10 meters from where vehicle can be parked.

Quotes are not fixed or binding on the company and fixed prices can only be made on a cubic meter or weight rate.


Full rate is available on request The company reserves the right to alter without warning any schedule service if operated without liability. 

Non payments. In the event of any accounts which have been outstanding in excess of 3 months from date of collection or departure for goods stored under contract, the goods may be returned to the departing depot and transport incurred will be charged at the standard rate applicable for the round trip. 

Whilst the company wishes to avoid this action it may be forced due to storage charges and  to alleviate congestion at the depot. Any stored goods that have not had the account settled after a six month period will then become the goods of Tony Roam Removals.

Some items not covered on our insurance T.V's not in original boxes / Glassware / Tables not correctly wrapped or protected etc. Pushbikes not in boxes / Any items packed by customer that are damaged through transit vibration / movement.

We will off course where any of the above has not been correctly executed take the time to help and protect your goods we do use blankets / cardboard / wrapping / and strap and secure all your goods. Mostly our terms and conditions are written to form a sensible and fair contract between us and are not in place to be used to abuse good faith and any true misunderstanding,