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AVERAGE PRICES 2021  From as little as 80 per cubic meter.

with our man and van service.



Standard Service For two people loading & unloading. Our prices start at 125 per cubic meter or 1.25 per kilogram which ever is the greater.

Reducing to 115 per cubic meter  for the next 7 and then 95 for another 7 etc. 

During Peak Season due to higher traveling costs, Ferry, Hotels, etc. we will not increase prices but will offer less discounts.

We will allow 100 kilograms per 1 cubic meter collectively.Individual parcels 1.25 per kilogram or 100 per cubic meter pro rata, which ever is the greater.

we might have an addition for off route charges, diesel and travel time on smaller consignments if you choose dedicated delivery

Unfortunately no discounts can apply to weight.


  Driver to assist with loading & unloadingOur prices start at 100 per cubic meter for the first 7 and then 90 for the next 7, 80 for another 7 and etc. We might have an addition for off route charges, diesel and travel time on the smaller consignment. 

 As from January 1st 2021 there are additional chargers on smaller loads that are not included in our prices as every consignment is different. 

These are Customs Clearance Charges and any IVA or VAT due which you are responsible for. 

IVA and VAT can be zero as long as you have made an application that has been approved. 

For further information please enquire.